Monday, July 25, 2011

There Goes Another One

     Middle Girl left for college yesterday. Watching her pack up her room and load it in her car was tough. Ouch. She will be moving in with big sister and only a couple of hours away, but it still hurts to say goodbye.

     As we were driving I had a realization meltdown. I knew this day was coming but knowing and accepting are two different things.  When Paige was born someone told me, "Embrace every moment, they grow up way too fast." The truest words ever spoken. It happens in a blink.

     I tried to look on the bright side.  With that gypsy heart of hers she could easily have sailed off to an island or taken a few dollars and made her way to New York City... just to say she did.

It may seem odd but Laken and I were like a little old couple living together. We had a routine.  We ate the same foods, watched the same television programs, would actually rather read than watch tv, enjoyed the same temperature in the house...

The past couple of years have been tough and life has happened, but I have watched her survive situations that few grownups could endure. She is a brave, strong, most delicate beauty; a real Steel Magnolia. I know she will be okay. I just know she will.

Hannah has four years left and then she will sprout wings and fly out of the nest just like her older sisters. It will happen. And it will come too soon.

I think I will find some land and build four houses on it. One for each of us. Don't worry girls. I will put plenty of space between us. I need my privacy too...but when you are outside and see me on my front porch swing acting as if I don't need anyone or anything...feel free to remind me otherwise and stop on by. I will have some sweet tea waiting.

Laken's Life In Boxes

We have a hammer, screwdriver and a measuring tape...all  the tools a girl needs to move in or out of a house.

She doesn't want to go...I can tell. :)

One more photo before I let you go...

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